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Graduate package
$ 29No professional experience
2 custom templates
Example CV
20-page Insider Guide
Young professional package
$ 39>1 year of combined work experience
3 custom templates
Example CV
20-page Insider Guide
Tailored package
$ 149For any level of experience
Professional rewrite of your resume within 3 days
2 one-on-one calls (including CV interview prep)
Specialist support and individual coaching
Feedback session and 1 revision

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Olena Petrosyuk
Olena Petrosyuk
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Nora Karageorgieva
Deutsche Bank
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Axel Stelk
Morgan Stanley
Meghana Duggirala
Meghana Duggirala
J.P. Morgan


How I do I know it is a good template?
The Insider Guide and templates are a collection of years of experience in scanning and selecting resumes. We cover all the known rules and tips in one place, advice from recruiters as well as most common mistakes made by applicants. Our investment banking resume has already helped young graduates to get into the top investment banks and consulting firms of their choice.
Does it guarantee I will get the interview I want?
Honestly – it doesn’t. All it does is maximise the chance of you getting noticed. In the end it is still about your achievements and experiences. We help you to get them highlighted – even those you would have never thought about. We ensure that your CV is exactly in line with what is expected at top firms.
I already have a good CV template. How can you help me?
Even if you already have a good CV template – it is only one part of your application process. What is more important is to make sure both the formatting and content are exactly in line with what is expected of you. There are a number of things top firms expect to see in your CV – from specific action words to resume design. We provide the most comprehensive resource online to cover all the requirements expected from you and guidelines on how to address them.
What if I don’t have much work experience?
Many of our customers are young graduates with little to no work experience. Both the Insider Guide and investment banking resume templates will focus on highlighting your other strengths such as educational merits and extracurricular activities.
What if I am an international student?
We cover this situation in our Insider Guide. Most of the students we work with are international, so we pay specific attention to highlighting those things that will help you to stand out, turning your international experience into a strength on your resume.
I am not from the target school - and I don’t have very good grades.
It will be more difficult for you to get an interview – but it is still possible if you are able to correctly emphasise your achievements and show a strong interest in finance and the position in question. We made a special section in our guide to cover how you can make your CV stand out in this situation.
What if I don’t like it?
Give us a shout – and we will always try to help you out to the extent we can. If you believe that the product bought did not help you to enhance your CV we will always refund you the cost of the purchase.

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